Rave culture stamps

This project was flexible & allowed you to choose a pathway you felt comfortable with & felt you could persue effectivley. These were the theme options we had to choose from for our Royal mail stamps:


  • Sir Terence Conran 1931–2020

  • Hammer Horror

  • Rave Culture

  • Penguin and Puffin Books

  • British Animation

  • British Design Pioneers

I chose Rave culture because i felt there were plenty of design aspects such as colours, patterns, faces & pictures to play around with. 




Capture the essence of your subject on the smallest canvas. To design a brilliant, beautiful and intelligent set of eight special issue stamps, an accompanying presentation pack and four hand stamps for the Royal Mail.

Date: June 2021
Client: University project
Role: Graphic designer

Skills: Layout, typegrophy & illustration


My main research focus was to get all the information going into my book was 100% correct & 100% clear what I was trying to represent. This is the reason I included diagrams & examples.

Royal Mail stamps: Final Outcomes

Below you can see a gallery of my final designs for the Royal mail stamps, these final pieces finally came after lots of drafts, brain storming & figuring out the clear message & direction i want this project to go. Which was a rave culture time line, these stamps were to act as a reminiscence or education tool. Each period of rave had to be thoroughly researched & put together with real structure to help best represent its era.

Commerical Practice Devleopment Book33.jpg