JR Baker Construction

JR Baker Construction was established in 2013 in Winchester, Hampshire. Our mission has always been to produce timeless structures that have craftsmanship at their core. This ethos still drives our work today.


Back in 2013, JRB Construction was a team of highly skilled carpenters who primarily worked on residential structures. Our humble beginnings gave us a strong education in designing homes that clients truly loved, and this has stood us in good stead as we’ve grown.




Currently I'm in the process of tendering for a scout hut (circa £750k) and a one off property (circa £1.8m) both of which will come under a commercial type contract. We are also pursuing other contracts including industrial units, care home new build builds and multiple house developments.


My aim to push the company towards commercial projects including multiple development sites but they are few a far between but they are out there. I want to be able to showcase our work so we are considered not just based on price but on quality and service.

Date: September 2021
Client: JR Baker Construction
Role: Graphic designer

Skills: Layout & type