VAR Project 

The focus & aim of My independent project for university was to educate & inform non-football fans on the state of VAR. This included explaining how it works & what it intervenes with, problems with it & wrong decisions by VAR (which will help my point of corruption within VAR). Examples of this will also be used by effective designs. The layout of this project was to be laid out within a book, designed for people to easily read about VAR & by using design elements such as diagrams to help communicate all these points. This should help people who do not watch football but keep hearing the word VAR & slowly become interested.




Design and create a visual artefact (together with a short designed research report), and give a mid stage audio visual presentation.


You are asked to choose from one of two themes below as a ‘loose’ guide for the subject of your work. The subject matter is entirely down to you and open for interpretation however you see fit. The artefact can be print based (books, posters, zines etc) or digital (apps, web based, motion graphics, augmented reality etc.) - however the final artefact must determined via prior negotiation with your tutor.

Date: June 2021
Client: University project
Role: Graphic designer

Skills: Layout, typegrophy & illustration


This idea all came about when watching a football match that I felt was robbed from me as an Arsenal fan, a game of pure suspicion after one of the most controversial decisions I’ve faced as an Arsenal fan, this lit the fire to base my project on this. I then after weeks of research came up with a few visual designs but still had no direction other than I knew it would be about corruption in football & how VAR has assisted this.


My main research focus was to get all the information going into my book was 100% correct & 100% clear what I was trying to represent. This is the reason I included diagrams & examples. The more research I did the more I thought about how this was all going to come together as a collective in a book. When creating a mood board, I came to the conclusion to use the colour red to inject a use of emotion. This was to create corrupt hints here & there as to eventually I would want this project to head into a debate on whether VAR is corrupt or not. I started my project as an anti-corruption campaign that slowly become more unrealistic to accomplish for the pure fact it would not get as much engagement as a book that has everything you need to know about VAR.